Curved Projection Screen for your simulator


simulation curved projection screen
simulation curved projection screen
simulation curved projection screen
mocom curved projection screen
simulation curved projection screen
simulation curved projection screen


Specially Designed Material + Skilled Engineer

♦ The technicians at Mocom have several decades of experience in the area of screen manufacturing. Mocom’s curved screen is a customized product that is made-to-order for each customer. For Mocom’s projection curved screen, a unique material is applied to the frame that is specially manufactured to ensure that the screen has no creases and high smoothness.

♦ 120 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree, 360 degree, and any other custom degree and shape of the screens are available for single or multi-projector displays.

♦ All Mocom’s curved screens are available in a design format that allows assembly on site.

♦ Made in S. Korea

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 With Mocom’s simulation curved projection screen


Compared to flat screens, curved projection screens add a more intense level of immersion. Curved screens are currently being used for flight simulation, driving simulation, military simulation, museums, trade shows, etc.


Mocom’s curved screen has no wrinkles on the surface. Please be careful when choosing curved screens since many tend to have wrinkles on the screen surface. These wrinkles result in uneven images


Mocom is exporting its screens to countries around the world after proving the quality of its products and technologies. Experience the best quality from Mocom for yourself.



Mocom’s single and multi-channel curved projection screen is custom made upon your request. Any degree and shape of projection screen is available for single or multi-projector displays.

Gives a sense of immersion

For single, multiple channel projection displays

For visualization applications

120, 180, 270, 360, and any other custom degree curved projection screen

Excellent for training simulators: Flight, driving, military, Helicopter gaming simulation, instructor & pilot training systems etc…

Excellent for museums or exhibitions

Spring-tensioned Screen/ On-site Assembly

Example : FOV 270-degree Simulation Curved Projection Screen

Curved Projection Screen Material

  • Mega Brilliance
  • White Brilliance
  • Silver Brilliance
Mega Brilliance

Mega (Silver, high reflective)

adhesive film projection screen

Mega Brilliance is a high gain film-based front projection screen made with multi-reflective layers of material and diffusers. It offers a brightness level 7x higher than a standard matte white screen, while maintaining a wide viewing area. It is suitable for commercial applications with ambient light.


Brightness : 7Gain

Max. Height : 1.6m

Material Color : Silver

Max. Degree: 120° / 180° 

Min. radius: 2,400mm/700mm

No passive 3D

White Brilliance

White Brilliance (Matte White)

simulation curved projection screen material by mocom

White Brilliance material is a screen to which a 1 gain material is applied, and it is appropriate for multi-projections. Thanks to the excellent  flat quality of the material, the screen has no creases ’in all radii and when viewed from all angles.

Model : MMWC

Brightness : 1Gain

Max. height : 3mMaterial

Color: White

Max. Degree: 360°

Min. radius: 2,400mm

No Passive 3D

Silver Brilliance

Silver Brilliance (3D)

3d silver projection screen from mocom

Silver Brilliance is a 2.5-gain  flexible front projection screen material designed for 3D applications. It preserves high  polarization to enable passive 3D image viewing.  It also compensates for the loss in image brightness that occurs when polarization and polarized glasses are used.

Model : MH3D/MHW3DC

Brightness: 2.5GainMax. Height : 3.1m

Material Color: Silver

Max. Degree: 120° 

Min. radius: 3,000mm

Polarization Retention (Passive 3D)


What People Say

“As Flight Simulators we strive for increased realism and immersion. The curved screen I purchased from MOCOM has taken my Flight Simulation to a new level of realism; and as a Commercial Pilot this is very important to me. This is a quality product, unmatched in the industry.

The screen arrived at my door on schedule and was expertly packaged. The assembly instructions were clear and easy to understand. All hardware was of the highest quality – they even included the tools necessary for assembly. This project from participating in the design of the screen to final assembly has been an enjoyable experience.

The people at MOCOM are professional, courteous and extremely helpful. If you’re considering taking your flight simulation to the next level, look no further than MOCOM – they will make it happen!”

Tom Grove

from Newcastle, CA. USA

simulation curved projection screen

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