The Best 3D Projection Screen Ever!

3d projection screen Solstice

Challenges with current 3D projection screen / displays

Low Brightness (for active and passive 3D)

The polarization filter and polarized glasses reduce over 70% of the image brightness between the light source and the viewer’s eyes.

Low Polarization retention causing cross-talk (for passive 3D)

To enable stereoscopic vision, a special projection screen that preserves polarization is required. Standard screens diffuse light and therefore are incapable of retaining polarization.

“No polarization preservation = No 3D Capability”

Poor polarization preservation adds “cross-talk”

“Why Should I Choose Mocom Solstice™ for My 3D?”

New generation of 3D projection screen 

The Solstice™ series is engineered to overcome the challenges that current 3D projection screens encounter.

It provides an amplified 3D presence effect by adopting simulator screen technology.

High brightness for both passive and active 3D

Screen material

Designed to compensate for the loss of light-output that occurs during the 3D process.Optimized for any 3D format (active, passive linear and circular)18x brightness when compared to a 1-gain matte white screen.

Active 3D

3d projection screen Solstice

Passive 3D

3d projection screen Solstice

Reduces the headaches

“Solstice™” HD/3D projection screen reduces the headaches, dizziness and eye strain caused when viewing dim images – ambient lighting conditions are no longer critical issues.It enables 3D images to be viewed on a large screen under unfavorable/bright ambient lighting.

Accepts input from the highest resolution source

The micro-fine diffusion lines along the scanning axis along with a micron-sized particle surface, achieves the highest possible resolution and displays images as they are truly meant to be seen.

High polarization reflection for passive 3D

Cross-talk (commonly known as ghosting) is inevitable on most 3D silver screens due to poor polarization preservation. However, the Solstice HD/3D projection screen is designed using a material that reflects more than 99% of polarization. It virtually eliminates cross-talk/ghosting and allows for the best 3D images.

Benefit of the curve

A precise lens-like curvature prevents hot-spotting and rejects ambient light sources.In addition, the curvature enhances the  3D effect by increasing the perceived depth.